Our mission is to continually lead people into a new or growing relationship with Jesus Christ through the use of our technology tools and technical gifts by creating an excellent spiritual and technical atmosphere
Our Mission

Our Focus

The Communication's Department of Covenant Life focuses on providing the congregation excellent quality of communications while meeting the expectations to deepen the worship experience and to broaden the ministry of our church. We strive to provide cutting edge ways of presenting information to the church through technology including video, print media, photography, and visual presentation during worship services. In this effort, we partner with our Pastors, Music Leaders, and other ministries within the church to provide excellent services throughout the year. In many ways, our role in the church is one of service and support. In this we are following the example set by Christ in Philippians 2:5-8. The Communication's Department's unique contributions are essential to our worship and other services, and to our outreach as a whole.


The Communication's Department consists of four divisions: Communications, Media/Production, Social Media, and Events. The Communications, Social Media, and Events divisions consists of a variety of assignments throughout the year including handling all duties related to the City of Corona, community outreaches, the Growth Track, printing materials, and the day-to-day operations of the Department. The Media/Production division handles stage lighting, multimedia, videography, and photography.

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