First Time Guests

The Connection Department at Covenant Life has a goal to give first-time as well as regular guests a very warm greeting in order for them to experience the presence of God’s Spirit through us. We are so pleased you chose to worship with us at Covenant Life and trust that you will be blessed by something you saw or heard during the service. We at Covenant Life desire to serve, equip, and minister to the needs of people. We offer ministries for the entire family: Nursery Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Young Adults Ministry, Bible Courses, Gracefully Seasoned (Ages 50+) luncheons, Interpretation for the Deaf, and much more!

Thank you for choosing Covenant Life and we hope to see you soon!

Follow-Up Department

We desire to develop in our people God’s heart for ALL people. It’s simply about CHANGE. When He called each of us, He truly changed us. When we serve and love others, we continue to be changed and when we go into our community and world with the good news, we are constantly bringing forth change in people’s lives and for the kingdom. It is with this vision that we minister both locally and County wide through our core value of advancing God’s Kingdom.

In our local outreach, Jesus charges us with the command to “tend and feed” His sheep. We care because He cares. Through Scripture, we see Jesus meeting physical and emotional needs, like hunger and disease, in addition to meeting spiritual needs. Jesus provides our example as we seek to advance His kingdom across the street and across cultures. When we reach out to meet temporal needs we have the privileges of witnessing God’s power as He changes lives today and for eternity.

It is the pleasure of the ministry to be the first people you speak with after making the decision to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. It is our goal to encourage, uplift, and keep in touch with you as you embark on one of the best choices you will make in your life.

Throughout the year, the K.A.M. hosts rallies, loving our community events such as, free car washes, community clean-ups, and a variety of different events in an effort to spread the love of Jesus throughout the community of Corona.

We encourage you to join us on our next outreach as we tell the good news of Jesus Christ to the rest of the City!

Message Archives

Covenant Life is pleased to have a Message Archives Department dedicated to providing our church members the resources and media materials from past services. Each church service is recorded on a CD and available for purchase in our church lobby.

Enjoy the message today and would like to bless someone with a CD? Stop by the table on your left hand side in the Connection Center as you exit the Main Sanctuary and request a copy! Typically, CD’s are created within minutes and are available for purchase as soon as possible.

Visit our Message Archives table today to view memorable series brought before the congregation by Pastor Jesse Reyes and other media resources as well.

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