Cov Life Youth Ministry

Jr. High - High School

Covlife Youth is a Student Ministry for our seventh through twelfth grade students. Every Sunday and REFUEL service, our students gather to celebrate life and connect with God through laughter, great music, videos, and challenging messages from God’s Word. It’s a safe place for friendships, both new and old, where a youth can be themselves no matter what they have gone through. We understand that in today’s society, our students should be one of the primary focuses of the church as we strive to equip them to endure tests and trials throughout their junior high and high school paths. We have designed our services to be a place where anyone in any walk of life can come, feel comfortable, laugh, and be challenged to grow closer to Jesus. Covlife Youth has an enthusiastic staff that has a goal that our services would be a pressure-free environment where the message is biblical, practical, and applicable, and most importantly, our students are able to experience and worship God in an authentic way. We are training this generation to live their lives for Jesus, by spreading His good Word throughout their schools and the community of Corona. We are excited for what God is continuing to do in our student ministry. We encourage all of our youth, even you, to invite a friend to experience what Covlife Youth has to offer.

Sunday Mornings

10:00 AM

REFUEL Wednesdays

7:00 PM

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